Jan 31st

Home Destroyed by Early Morning Blaze Keeping this very short, as I am still having an extremely difficult time talking about it. We had a house fire on Jan 31st. It is still under investigation. This had been the 1st time in 3 years that someone wasn’t home over night The fact that I wasn’t […]

Mommy Needs….

I always thought the “Mommy needs a drink” meme to be strange.

Not shaming drinking…. Just sounds more like:

“Mommy could use a break”

“Mommy could use a vacation”

“Mommy needs a nap”

“Mommy needs more help around the house”

“Mommy needs an uninterrupted shower”

“Mommy needs a date night”

Would we be cool with “Mommy needs Ecstasy”
“Mommy needs cocaine”
“Mommy needs to trip on mushrooms”
“Mommy needs a bong hit”

Some people might be ok with some of those.

Some of us are going to be horrified at the thought of every single one.

Point is, this meme should really sound like:

“Mommy needs the time, space & freedom to relax in whatever method she finds helpful, without being ridiculed or shamed, because we are adults, & the infant/child is being cared for by another parent/guardian/trusted adult.”

Relax, “Mommies”
Ignore anyone attempting to shame you for taking a very deserved & necessary break.”

White Privilege

“What you described is exactly what you are doing.

A person is kneeling peacefully.
You are screaming that his sitting down quietly before outdoor time is making you very angry, & therefore HE needs a time out & no dessert!!!

Do you see the issue?

You can be angry that he is protesting all you want – that doesn’t make what he is doing wrong, and it certainly doesn’t insult or affect any other human being while he is doing it.
Buck up, wipe away the tears, & go play somewhere else, FAR away from Colin Kaepernick…”

The Cost of VT Living

In 2017, I spent over a year attempting to find an apartment to rent. We were stuck, unable to escape the off grid home we’d been living in. Rent was too high, wood for heat was expensive, propane tank was expensive and things in the apartment kept breaking but weren’t getting repaired. I started paying […]

Fire Recovery Update

Hey Everyone! Quick update: Thank you all for the help recovering from this terrible tragedy. As you can see from this pictures, we have been able to replace a lot but still have more to go. The damage from this has lingered. Yesterday, I went for a scheduled x-ray & had a panic attack after […]


Hospital waiting rooms always have a shade of light green color. This is because light pale green can be calming. Problem is, every hospital goes with this color unless it is a children’s unit/hospital. People who are in hospitals often no longer find light green calming. Their brains associate the color with waiting, terror, feeling […]

Cleft Palate Surgery

For those who have never seen this picture before, this is G at just a few weeks old. We were in the hospital for 3 months before we got to come home the 1st time. Then, we were back in our hospital’s PICU, over to Boston Children’s for a month for open heart surgery and […]

Military Budget-Dirty Little Secret

Mainly? The Right “respect” Veterans, idolize and honor soldiers in front of them or at Sporting events, celebrations and parades. They do not want to spend any part of their budget on military that is not going towards weaponry.

The Left get uncomfortable around the topic of soldiers. They dislike the wars’ but want to support a human being. But it is upsetting to think about homeless injured veterans & everyone is so focused on themselves and so many OTHER political issues, they just don’t have time to focus on Soldiers.”