Breakfast for Dinner: Vanilla Pancakes with Cranberry Mango Sauce

The end of the month is always rough on my little family, but something about April *CoughBIRTHDAYPARTYPREPCough* that really wiped us out. I’m talking $3 left to my name broke.
Feeding three people on a barely there budget is hard, but not impossible. Usually it takes a heck of a lot of creativity, really digging through that cupboard and using stuff up before it goes bad.
The easiest type of dinner to prepare when you’re lacking groceries and funds?

Breakfast for dinner.

I tend to keep a box or two of instant pancake mix in the cupboard because it is so easy to beef up. Add shredded carrot, cinnamon fruit etc, you have carrot cake pancakes. Try raspberries and some beet puree and you have delicious pink pancakes. Both are easy to get kids to eat and have a serving of fruit and veggie.

Tonight’s Pancake recipe was paired with a delicious homemade sauce because I made batter before realizing we ran out of syrup!

Vanilla Bean Pancakes with a Cranberry Mango Sauce

Vanilla Pancakes Ingredients
1/4 box of Pancake mix. Oh crap, we’re almost out of Pancake mix! Uuhhh……

3 cups all purpose flour

1/2 cup sugar, any kind

2 very small eggs. Gotta use up these really tiny eggs!

Baking Powder. Shake the container until it looks like there’s 1 tbsp

2 cups water, still out of milk!

Dash of cinnamon

1 tbsp of Vanilla. Still using that giant resturant size jug!

4 tbsp coconut oil because I am outta butter and coconut oil is delicious.

Cranberry Mango Sauce Ingredients
1 bag frozen whole cranberries left over from Christmas

1/2 bag frozen Mango but seriously, these could be any fruit, this is just what was on hand.

2 cups water

1 cup sugar

1 small children’s Apple juice. Or any juice you have on hand. Orange would be delish!

Two spoonfuls of Orange Marmalade. See? What did I tell you about the orange? Delish.

Dash of cinnamon


1. Empty box of pancake mix. Realize you only have 1/4 a box. Swear. Grab flour, sugar, all dry ingredients. Mix.

2. Add water, vanilla extract, eggs, coconut oil. Struggle to mash the coconut oil if you forgot to run the jar under water like I did. Mix until no solid lumps.

3. While you heat up the frying pan or whatever surface you will be cooking on, start the sauce. Add everything together in a pot, mix and turn up to high until boiling. Once it hits a boil, lower the temperature until med-low. Let cook until the sauce has reached it’s desired thickness. Realize you don’t have a clean spatula.

4. Wash spatula. Almost trip on cat that decided to get under your feet. Drop spatula. Re-wash spatula. By this point either a child or significant other will have come in at least twice to ask when dinner will be finally ready. If it is a child, offer them the job of setting the table. If it’s a significant other, feel free to throw the spatula.

5. Cook pancakes Wait! Grease the pan. Now cook pancakes. Use a butter knife to flip the pancakes if you threw the spatula and are kind of a badass.
Feel free to snack on any that are “throw always” because, seriously, who throws away a pancake?

6. Serve, topped with Cranberry Mango sauce. Eat and enjoy. Ask the significant other or any age appropriate kids to do the after dinner clean up because you deserve a break!

Post your favorite pancake recipe in the comments!


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