Is there any on Earth?

Intelligent life. Does it exist on other planets?
I honestly hope so. How meaningless would it feel to have the only living things in the universe be on this planet.
I truly believe though, that there must be life. What are the odds that we’re the only living things out there. They’d be Astro-nomical. Baddum-chick.

I also hope that whatever intelligent life we stumble upon or visits us in the end, comes in peace. Because we won’t.
Whenever you get into an argument with an idiot, its super painful for the smart person. If the Aliens have at least one really good, intelligent , friendly representative, it will all be good. They will win over whatever stubborn war hungry gun-toating representative is picked for Earth. Let’s hope that’s how it works out. The latter would be worse.
Because in the end, when there are just two morons arguing between themselves, it usually ends up bad for all the rest of us.

Since the beginning of time man has decided that everything unseen outside itself must be big, powerful, and scary. Be it the Greeks and Romans with their version of Gods and Goddesses,  God from the Bible, hell even Aliens are always more intelligent, more powerful, and again, scary. I have always found this very amusing. For all we know, humans are on top.  Maybe humans evolved before life on other planets. Perhaps we’re the big, powerful, scary ones.


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