A Rant About Vaccines

I haven’t written on this site for a while because my entire life turned upside down. It was frankly one of the best things to happen to us, but internet is scarce on the mountain we now call home 🙂

I will get into our living situation on my next post, but first….

I have held off on a post about vaccinations because it has become a ridiculously touchy subject. It shouldn’t be, but unfortunately it has become a Science vs. White Privilege issue and as all things in this great country seem to be headed those with privilege and disposable income are making life hard for those without.


Here’s my rant. It’s not too long, and like all things this serious I may be unable to control my language. So, fair warning!

Remember this!! You choosing to not vaccinate does not just effect you. It effects the poor and impoverished, those with low immunity who do not have the privilege to be vaccinated against these terrible diseases and little babies who are to young for the vaccine. How selfish, how inconsiderate!! Fucking vaccinate yourself and your spawn. Its not “poison” if you have a basic understanding of science and chemistry. Its not “supporting big pharma” because vaccines are cheap and prevent the hospital stays and meds etc someone would have to be on and go through if they catch the diseases that the vaccines prevent in the first place. Any other reason for you to not vaccinate is just “white privilege”

Afraid of your child suddenly developing autism? They won’t, because it doesn’t work that way. But if they were to suddenly become autistic, that is nowhere near as bad as having your child be in a lung chamber for the rest of their lives or being horribly crippled from diseases, or god forbid, dying at an early age when it could have been prevented by a tiny prick. Stop being a big prick, and get the small ones on schedule.

And for my Witchy folks, stop excluding science. Science and witchcraft go hand in hand. A fucking magick potion was made that will prevent your child from developing small pox, measles etc. Your Witch elders prayed, wished, and cast spells to end these plagues and voila, the vaccine was invented! Stop being tricked by the anti-vaccine groups. They are outright lying to get rid of vaccines which in my book is inexcusable. Stop falling for their tricks. Read real studies and documents, not propaganda.




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