Human First.

Today I rode a pitbull. This happens every now and then and usually takes place in the kitchen. My doggy Rhiannon, also known as Monkey, is a beautiful, sweet dog I adopted in October. She has caramel fur with white fur on her chest and down her red nose. Rhia was abused poorly before she […]


Today my landlord stopped by. He lives in NYC as a city planner. He bought the home I am currently renting, online, and for quite a bargain. Some day it will be his retirement home. Until then, I am free to rent it. The place is beautiful, open floor planning. Windows and open spaces, high […]

Fart Cookies.

My son was born with a cleft palate. His plastic surgeon told us that G had the biggest cleft he had seen in 15 years. The surgery took 6 hours, 2 hours longer than anticipated. Since G was born, after he was pegged as a child with Pierre Robbins Sequence we were assigned or visited […]

Female Seeking Vehicle

(Inspired by frustration from car shopping) Female Seeks Vehicle: You: Affordable, dependable, in the area or willing to relocate. Low milage preferable, although I have always enjoyed the classic look. Must be capable of making music. There will be many a car trip of singing along to the radio, or even playing books on tape. […]