Female Seeking Vehicle

(Inspired by frustration from car shopping)

Female Seeks Vehicle:

You: Affordable, dependable, in the area or willing to relocate. Low milage preferable, although I have always enjoyed the classic look. Must be capable of making music. There will be many a car trip of singing along to the radio, or even playing books on tape.
Style is a plus, but I am not against old fashioned. Please don’t be flashy.

Me: The road I have traveled is long, rocky, filled with ups and downs and many a twist and turn.
I am not exaggerating. I grew up in New England, in a state that has a 5th season named Mud. All-Wheel-Drive is necessary.
Must love kids. There will be sticky fingers, carsick, and midnight cheeseburger runs. We love to giggle and laugh. Spur of the moment trips, and long drives to nowhere are a must. I adore the geeky and macabre. In fact, some day I hope to own the Ghostbuster Ambulance.
There may be days where I don’t see you. I need to know that you will not fall apart without me.
And just as important, I also must know that in an emergency you will immediately drop everything to be there with me and be one less thing I need to worry about.
Please get me safely from here to there. Have thick tires. Understand that I may push the wrong buttons and levers at first. There may be dents and scratches. Not on purpose, I am just forgetful, a little blunt and honest, even clumsy at times. Just be cool tempered, and don’t overheat on me.

You don’t have to be American, I have been with cars from around the world. I’ve had experience with both stick and automatic, either is fine. I learn quickly and tend to go with the flow.

I want this to last a bit longer this time. I’ve had cars before. My last one lasted 6 years. I put so much time, energy, patience, and yes money, into something that just didn’t work out. I couldn’t keep putting it all into something that could travel no farther.
I want you to be in my life a bit longer. Maybe you’ll even be the car that my son first drives with. I will obviously be a nervous wreck.

If this sounds like you, if you are the vehicle I am searching for, the vehicle that wants to be part of our lives, reply to my post.


*If you couldn’t tell from this piece, I am car shopping. My car died on the highway and I just couldn’t keep pouring money into it any longer. Blue Saturn, you will be missed!! This is however the excuse I needed get a new vehicle with 4WD to get up my crazy hill to my driveway. The distance from my mailbox to my home? 1.6 miles of hills and drops and curves, it’s ridiculous and the worst dirt road I have ever seen. We are living completely off the grid in a house that runs off of solar panels and a windmill. The house is beautiful, the land is 18 acres of woods and trails and even blueberries in the summer. But because we are so off the grid, internet is non existent except on my track phone at the moment. Damn, do I miss Netflix. Its worth it though, to be in such a breathtaking location.
Back to spring cleaning in this house!*


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