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Why I am a “No Nudie”

This is a blog post from another blog I have. It is under a different name. It is a blog in fact I believe most my friends and family are completely unaware of. This is because of its more adult content.

Usually I wouldn’t cross-share a post, however this one seemed like an important post to share.

“Why I don’t post nudes.

This might seem like a strange forum to talk about not displaying nudity.
I do not have any moral objection to nudism. In fact, the moment I can at home I shed my clothes and prance around naked. One of my favorite nighttime routines is standing in front of the wood stove, feeling the heat on my uncovered skin.

No, my reason for not brandishing it all for the world to see is completely personal.

It took me 30 years to learn to love my body. 30 years to find beauty in every curve, scar, mole, freckle and yes, even stretch marks.
I find so much beauty in my few grey hairs. They are like glittery highlights.

So how can I allow you, just an anonymous human, to look upon the beauty of my naked body? How can I trust that you will see and love my body for the work of art it is?
You see me for a mere second, and bam, in that instant, you have already made your judgment. You don’t know the battle that created those scars. The love of the ocean, sand and heat that caused those freckles. The mole on my leg is just a mark. Not something that has been with me since birth. And you don’t know the child that I sacrificed my stomach for and won those silvery tiger stripes.

No, if you want to see me, and  behold the beauty of my soft velvet skin, and pillowy white round mounds under my blouse, you must work up to it. Worship me as the Goddess I am. And when you are ready, (I will know when you are ready) you will see me, for who I truly am.”

Hope you enjoyed! I feel the message is important. Love and worship your body. The world doesn’t need to see it because strangers will never love it as much as your body should be loved.

Be careful who you are sending photos to, make sure they are worthy of you putting yourself out there!

Accounts get hacked, photos get stolen. I am not telling you to not post your beautiful bod, (unless you are under 18 and then YES I am telling you DO NOT send or post that nude!) I am asking you to proceed with caution and use that beautiful brain that is just as incredible as your body.

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Help your Veterans

Panic. I am filled with panic.
I shouldn’t be, but emotions don’t exactly do what they are told.

I have the urge to write, but no inspiration.
I had the idea for a funny post, but then I logged online and read that 200 more troops are being sent to Iraq.

This has sent me into a tale spin.
200 more men and women being sent out. Who will see horrific things. Who will come back, possibly broken inside and out.

They won’t get the help they need. They won’t go out and seek it, because they are trained to be warriors from the start.
They are warriors, and they battle things internally that those of us who have never seen war cannot comprehend.

I sit here, clutching my necklace, a folded flag design that profits went to support helping veterans battling depression. I do not know if this is true, but that is what I was told when I was given the necklace.

I am very emotionally tied to the subject of war in the US. I am going to push those feelings and opinions far down to the firey pit deep inside me.
These soldiers are adults, they have made their choice.

All I ask, please, please care for them when they come back. Care for these souls the way you claim to. Don’t do it fake, don’t plaster your chain store with items that the sales somehow get back to the  Veterans Hospital. Don’t plaster your Facebook wall or car bumper, claiming you “Support Our Troops”

Help. Get out there and help. Give a job to that struggling Vet who got back and is undergoing treatment. Help the soldier you know is struggling deep inside.
Lead them to the services they need if you can.
And for god sakes, say something. If you see or suspect that anyone around you could possible commit suicide, say something. The absolute worse thing you can do is  stay silent. The person may be upset at you for a while, but if you happen to stop their attempt, you have kept them here. There is always help. It can always get better.

Alex, I miss you every day.


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Excuses, excuses

Please excuse the absence. I have had a huge case of writers block that is looming over me like a dark cloud. I have been blank for over a week now and being left completely uninspired is actually quite exhausting to a person.
I have a class tomorrow and hopefully will have some time Sunday devoted to coming up with a topic I can write more than a few sentences about.

In the mean time, I am going to curl up in bed, watch Always Sunny in Philadelphia and giggle until I find sleep.

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New Roommate

My friend J moved in last night. He needs somewhere to stay for a few weeks until he can find a place. I don’t mind, we have a bedroom upstairs that is never used.

J got his first taste as to what its like living off the grid. I had to drive down the hill to meet him. He parked at the bottom. I am so thankful for the amazing car I bought. So far it has gotten us up and down safely and only twice now I almost slid into the neighbors bush. I also made it out of a ditch which was incredibly impressive!

J piled his belongings into my car and we drove back up the rollercoaster of a road.
First things first. When you enter the house, the door is incredibly awkward, and slows you down. I believe it was designed that way on purpose. See, the original owners/builders wanted a place off the grid in case the world came to an end.
When I first moved in, none of the doors had doorknobs. I had to have them installed. At first it was humorous to explain to people, but after having every visitor mention it, “Hey, did you know you don’t have door knobs?”
Yes, I noticed that. I also noticed the giant fake wooden safe in the kitchen wall too.
Yes, there is seriously a giant fake wooden safe. It covers a storage area that runs through the house. This may have been for storage, but it could have been a place to hide considering the way its covered, and the two door knob less awkward mudroom set up would slow down intruders.
So far, we have discovered 5 hidden areas in the house, but have only physically been in 4 of them.

I explained to J the layout of the house, about the secret rooms, how we have to boil the water for one minute before we can drink it and keep jugs of water in the fridge.
I showed him the wood stove, the tech room(this houses the solar batteries, and all the important stuff that runs the windmill and solar panels)and how to work the generator in case we ever lose power.

J met the pets and then we just hung out for a bit.
It’s great to have another set of hands here, and J will be able to watch the pets when I take G and two friends to Great Escape later in May for his birthday.

The snow from the freak storm on Monday is starting to melt. There are blossoms on trees that glisten with a light frost.
Two birds are chasing each other across my lawn, their bright red bellies stand out against the white snow.
Soon there will be  the sound of peeping baby birds when I walk past the wood shed. Damn, I am so happy I won’t have to haul wood on a daily basis 🙂
Spring is here, the time has changed and warmth will be here soon.

Think warm thoughts, friends!


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Sneak Preview: Dottie the Polar Bear

Edit* I just realized this is my 20th post!! Yaaay!! I am so happy to be writing again, and I am so glad that my 20th post was this preview of the Children’s Book 🙂

Off and on I have been working on a children’s book. My son loves it so much, he suggested I post a preview.
This is a very rough draft of the first part of this story. I would love feedback.

Dottie the Polar Bear Cub

Dottie the polar bear cub was completely content. She loved her home. Dottie loved climbing all the rocks. She loved climbing up to the highest point and jumping into the pool of water, making a big splash. Her mommy would get angry whenever Dottie climbed too high, but Dottie didn’t listen. It was too much fun!

Dottie also loved her blue ball. She would tackle it, jump on to it, and play catch with her daddy. She loved wrestling with her daddy and climbing on her mommy’s back.

Dottie loved feeding time too because visitors would come into her home. Dottie loved all the humans who came to play.  They usually had treats or toys. Sometimes they would poke and prod at Dottie, but the fishy treats she got afterwards for being a “good girl” always made her happy.
Her habitat also had a giant window. People would come visit, just so they could see Dottie, her mother said.

Dottie loved to make a big show for the people. Especially the little tiny humans that were her size. They wore things over their bodies that her mommy said were to keep them warm. The humans only had fur on their heads. Some of the daddy humans had hair on their faces and none on their heads. Dottie thought this was very silly.

She would walk up to the big window and make faces, throw her ball, splash the window and just be silly. Sometimes she asked the little humans to come play, but her mommy and daddy said they couldn’t come in.

One day, after Dottie had a big breakfast and lunch and a long swim she decided to walk past the window to see what humans had come to visit that day. She saw that there was no one looking in. This made Dottie sad. She decided that maybe she would go take a nap in the cave with daddy,  after all Dottie did have a big, busy morning!

Just then, Dottie heard a knock on the big window. She turned around to see a little human girl standing there, at the window, knocking. But there was something different about this girl. She had something on her paws, something bright and pink!

Dottie quickly ran across the habitat. She had to get a closer look!
Dottie walked right up to the little girl, placed her paws on the glass and called to her.

“Hey! Little human! What is that on your paws?”
The little girl giggled and called to her mommy. “Look Mommy, the baby polar bear likes me!”

Dottie knew that humans had a hard time speaking polar bear, so she tried again.

“Hey, little girl! What’s that on your paws? I like them!”
Dottie’s mother and father stuck there head out of the cave when they heard the commotion. Dottie’s mommy called to her.

“Dottie, come here! Stay away from the people!”
“No,” Dottie said.”Mommy, I want those! I want to see her paw covers!”

Dottie’s mommy came down from the cave. She circled Dottie to protect her from the crowd that was forming.

“Dottie, sweetie, you don’t need those. Humans don’t have fur or protective pads on their hands and feet. They need to wear those covers, or mittens, on their hands to protect from the cold.”

Dottie’s daddy came down from the cave.
“Dottie, you are a polar bear. We don’t wear clothes. Forget the mittens and come here, it’s nap time.”

Dottie’s mommy and daddy lead her back to the cave.
She laid down in between her mommy and daddy and started to doze. As she fell asleep, she mumbled “We’ll see about that!”

I would love some feedback!


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Bathrooms & Bare Bottoms

It’s an absolute FACT that as a parent, any time you have to use the bathroom, your child will have the sudden urge to pee the moment you sit on the toilet. Whether this effect is multiplied by the amount of children in your family, I have yet to experience. I am sure there are parents out there with 2 or more who wouldn’t mind chiming in in the comments.

One of the most exciting features in our new place was the addition of a second bathroom next to my son’s room.
G doesn’t use this bathroom though. He prefers my bathroom completely and was excited when the toilet upstairs was out of commission for a few months.

Last week my landlord fixed the bathroom, and I was so excited to have my bathroom back to myself!

The following happened moments ago.
I was washing my hands afterwards when the door opens, HARD, right into my side.
“OW! What the fudges?”
I try very hard not to swear, as my kiddo is at the age of dropping fowl language into everyday conversation. I am absolutely OK with using words to enhance your vocabulary and using swears correctly. Drop something super heavy on your foot or slam your hand in the car door? Go ahead and swear!
However lately G has been dropping Fucks and Shits in normal everyday conversation. Last night I took a picture of my little almost 10 year old sitting on the couch while I was completely lost in thoughts of how quickly he has grown when my kiddo decided to flip the camera the bird.
That behavior awarded him emptying and filling the dishwasher and unloading a stack of wood from the wheelbarrow himself.

“Sorry!” G said through the crack in the door, dancing around “I really have to pee!!”
Usually I would have opened the door and let him sneak by, but we have a perfectly good bathroom upstairs!
“We have a second bathroom!” I yelled.
“Oh, yeah!” G exclaimed running away.

I washed the soap bubbles from my hands and scrubbed my face.
I left the bathroom and entered the living room…. To see my son’s bare butt sticking through the sliding glass doors to the backyard.
G turned around and made eye contact with me, clearly busted.
“Don’t judge.” He said, pulled up his sweatpants and walked away.

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