Bathrooms & Bare Bottoms

It’s an absolute FACT that as a parent, any time you have to use the bathroom, your child will have the sudden urge to pee the moment you sit on the toilet. Whether this effect is multiplied by the amount of children in your family, I have yet to experience. I am sure there are parents out there with 2 or more who wouldn’t mind chiming in in the comments.

One of the most exciting features in our new place was the addition of a second bathroom next to my son’s room.
G doesn’t use this bathroom though. He prefers my bathroom completely and was excited when the toilet upstairs was out of commission for a few months.

Last week my landlord fixed the bathroom, and I was so excited to have my bathroom back to myself!

The following happened moments ago.
I was washing my hands afterwards when the door opens, HARD, right into my side.
“OW! What the fudges?”
I try very hard not to swear, as my kiddo is at the age of dropping fowl language into everyday conversation. I am absolutely OK with using words to enhance your vocabulary and using swears correctly. Drop something super heavy on your foot or slam your hand in the car door? Go ahead and swear!
However lately G has been dropping Fucks and Shits in normal everyday conversation. Last night I took a picture of my little almost 10 year old sitting on the couch while I was completely lost in thoughts of how quickly he has grown when my kiddo decided to flip the camera the bird.
That behavior awarded him emptying and filling the dishwasher and unloading a stack of wood from the wheelbarrow himself.

“Sorry!” G said through the crack in the door, dancing around “I really have to pee!!”
Usually I would have opened the door and let him sneak by, but we have a perfectly good bathroom upstairs!
“We have a second bathroom!” I yelled.
“Oh, yeah!” G exclaimed running away.

I washed the soap bubbles from my hands and scrubbed my face.
I left the bathroom and entered the living room…. To see my son’s bare butt sticking through the sliding glass doors to the backyard.
G turned around and made eye contact with me, clearly busted.
“Don’t judge.” He said, pulled up his sweatpants and walked away.

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