New Roommate

My friend J moved in last night. He needs somewhere to stay for a few weeks until he can find a place. I don’t mind, we have a bedroom upstairs that is never used.

J got his first taste as to what its like living off the grid. I had to drive down the hill to meet him. He parked at the bottom. I am so thankful for the amazing car I bought. So far it has gotten us up and down safely and only twice now I almost slid into the neighbors bush. I also made it out of a ditch which was incredibly impressive!

J piled his belongings into my car and we drove back up the rollercoaster of a road.
First things first. When you enter the house, the door is incredibly awkward, and slows you down. I believe it was designed that way on purpose. See, the original owners/builders wanted a place off the grid in case the world came to an end.
When I first moved in, none of the doors had doorknobs. I had to have them installed. At first it was humorous to explain to people, but after having every visitor mention it, “Hey, did you know you don’t have door knobs?”
Yes, I noticed that. I also noticed the giant fake wooden safe in the kitchen wall too.
Yes, there is seriously a giant fake wooden safe. It covers a storage area that runs through the house. This may have been for storage, but it could have been a place to hide considering the way its covered, and the two door knob less awkward mudroom set up would slow down intruders.
So far, we have discovered 5 hidden areas in the house, but have only physically been in 4 of them.

I explained to J the layout of the house, about the secret rooms, how we have to boil the water for one minute before we can drink it and keep jugs of water in the fridge.
I showed him the wood stove, the tech room(this houses the solar batteries, and all the important stuff that runs the windmill and solar panels)and how to work the generator in case we ever lose power.

J met the pets and then we just hung out for a bit.
It’s great to have another set of hands here, and J will be able to watch the pets when I take G and two friends to Great Escape later in May for his birthday.

The snow from the freak storm on Monday is starting to melt. There are blossoms on trees that glisten with a light frost.
Two birds are chasing each other across my lawn, their bright red bellies stand out against the white snow.
Soon there will be  the sound of peeping baby birds when I walk past the wood shed. Damn, I am so happy I won’t have to haul wood on a daily basis 🙂
Spring is here, the time has changed and warmth will be here soon.

Think warm thoughts, friends!


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