Help your Veterans

Panic. I am filled with panic.
I shouldn’t be, but emotions don’t exactly do what they are told.

I have the urge to write, but no inspiration.
I had the idea for a funny post, but then I logged online and read that 200 more troops are being sent to Iraq.

This has sent me into a tale spin.
200 more men and women being sent out. Who will see horrific things. Who will come back, possibly broken inside and out.

They won’t get the help they need. They won’t go out and seek it, because they are trained to be warriors from the start.
They are warriors, and they battle things internally that those of us who have never seen war cannot comprehend.

I sit here, clutching my necklace, a folded flag design that profits went to support helping veterans battling depression. I do not know if this is true, but that is what I was told when I was given the necklace.

I am very emotionally tied to the subject of war in the US. I am going to push those feelings and opinions far down to the firey pit deep inside me.
These soldiers are adults, they have made their choice.

All I ask, please, please care for them when they come back. Care for these souls the way you claim to. Don’t do it fake, don’t plaster your chain store with items that the sales somehow get back to the  Veterans Hospital. Don’t plaster your Facebook wall or car bumper, claiming you “Support Our Troops”

Help. Get out there and help. Give a job to that struggling Vet who got back and is undergoing treatment. Help the soldier you know is struggling deep inside.
Lead them to the services they need if you can.
And for god sakes, say something. If you see or suspect that anyone around you could possible commit suicide, say something. The absolute worse thing you can do is  stay silent. The person may be upset at you for a while, but if you happen to stop their attempt, you have kept them here. There is always help. It can always get better.

Alex, I miss you every day.


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