Jan 31st

Home Destroyed by Early Morning Blaze

Keeping this very short, as I am still having an extremely difficult time talking about it.

We had a house fire on Jan 31st.

It is still under investigation. This had been the 1st time in 3 years that someone wasn’t home over night

The fact that I wasn’t there is causing me so much grief.

I had injured myself while hauling in wood for the wood stove and currently am healing from a hip, pelvis & lower back contusion.

Nothing is broken, but bending or moving in certain ways is extremely painful.

My mom’s car, a prius like vehicle, couldn’t make it up our really bad, insane hill so we spent the night in her guest room. Only people who knew we were not home that night was my neighbors, who I texted at 7pm, and had texted me at 2:35am that they had just received my text & to say they were sorry they couldn’t help with a ride up the hill.


Next morning at 6 am the police came to my mom’s home to inform us that there had been a fire and it was a 100% total loss.

I broke down completely.

We are still really in shock and grieving. Our cats and our dog haven’t been located and presumed lost to the fire.

Volunteers have gone to search the woods but many couldn’t make it up the road.

The stuff was just stuff, yes it sucks to lose but it can l be replaced.

Losing our pets was absolutely awful. They were our family.

All I want is my dog, to see my cats. G Lost his chinchilla.

Watching tv, going to stores has been difficult. Seeing animals, pet supplies is a real trigger now.

We also lost Alex’s flag, his dog tags, a pair of his jeans, the letters he wrote me when we were 1st dating, all photos and my year books he had signed. I had artwork, my library, comic books, musicals & a collection of seal figurines since childhood.

G lost his drum set, art supplies, all toys & Christmas presents.

That was all super painful to lose.


We are looking for help getting into a apartment or house quickly. The state has approved a 80+ day hotel/motel stay but we have to move out every 2 weeks for a day, go back to the state office and then move back in for 2 weeks over and over.

As of March we will also have to pay 30% of our income to whichever hotel/motel we are in which is about $236 a month.

We were about to replace some clothes through Red Cross

family & friends have donated to replace items.

Any help right now would be absolutely appreciated. There’s a heck of a lot on my plate right now as my son also has surgery scheduled March 8th for a palate repair, a hospital stay, and will need 2 weeks home to heal.

My son is good on clothing for now and we don’t have a lot of space. When we do find a place to move in to we will need to replace everything, including 3 beds, kitchen supplies, bedding, furniture etc.

If you would like to help, there are few ways.

1. paypal.me/WensdaiAddamns

2. cash.me/wensdaiaddamns

3. Amazon List of Items Lost in Fire

4. Go Fund Me

My mother has set up & is running a Go Fund Me campaign for us to raise money for a new place & help furnish & replace items lost in the fire.

This is the ONLY Go Fund Me campaign for us about the fire. Please do not donate to any others.

Will continue writing again once we have healed more.

From a sketchy motel in VT, signing off.

Amber Griffis


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