Why Spread the Misery?

To the few who have been cruel

Dear Random commenter on my post asking for help furnishing a home after we lost everything in a fire.

First of all, Hello πŸ‘‹

The reason I used this method, Amazon, is because both myself & my son have had a very hard time making lists of everything we lost, including our cats, our dog and my son’s chinchilla.

Every item I have ever bought from Amazon was kept track of thankfully and instead of sitting in this motel room being forced to go through all this pain over & over I was able to go through my history and add items lost by pressing a button instead of typing it all from a mobile phone touch screen.

I also have made it clear and will keep saying that if ANYONE has a pre-used version of anything on that list to please contact me.

I’m sorry that you feel my son & I don’t deserve help or kindness after going through such a traumatic event.

We have lost everything we ever owned, including my son’s father’s flag from his military service & his dog tags, with the exception of the pajamas we were wearing, my purse and our phones.

Whatever happened in your life to make you this judgemental, I’m sorry.

For whatever has caused you enough misery to feel this way towards me, a stranger, I’m Sorry.

I ask you though- why spread the misery?

You don’t HAVE to help us or donate.

Just help SOMEONE. Volunteer.

Donate to OTHERS in need. Make the world a little bit brighter any chance you can.

I hope you find happiness.

For everyone else, who has been so kind

Thank you everyone πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
We still need volunteers to search the woods and take whatever survived off the property.

The investigation was closed. The fire was so bad that a starting point or cause couldn’t be determined. That information makes it even harder. I want answers.

We have had no word on whether any of our pets survived. We DO need volunteers to check a few times. Animals get scared, disoriented. If anyone did survive it may have taken them days to find their way back.

The road is terrible. 4WD has no issue but anything else won’t make it.

Thank you all again. This has been rough. We’ve only gotten through this far with the help of all of you πŸ’—

If you would like to help us during this difficult time, there are a few ways or options.

1. paypal.me/WensdaiAddamns

2. cash.me/wensdaiaddamns

3. Amazon List of Items Lost in Fire

4. Go Fund Me

My mother has set up & is running a Go Fund Me campaign for us to raise money for a new place & help furnish & replace items lost in the fire.

This is the ONLY Go Fund Me campaign for us about the fire. Please do not donate to any others.

Thank youπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—


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