SNAP Home Delivery

Did you hear?

White House wants to SEND people their chosen pantry items for US citizens on SNAP instead of allowing them to buy things like fruits, vegetables, meats etc.

They get to eat canned and pre-made or jarred foods etc.

This is making a drop in center/food shelf delivered once a month to someone’s door.

Sounds charming.

That is a great idea but is being done in an absolutely terrible way.

This program should be COMPLETELY separate from SNAP.

The idea for this box delivery is attempting to end a “problem” that people have against those who receive SNAP/EBT/Food Stamps.

It ties back to class discrimination towards the poor & rumors that people on “food stamps” buy expensive products or junk food and are somehow “living off the government”

First of all- who are you, the grocery police? Is it your job to chose what each & every human being cooks for themselves or places in their mouth?

2nd Government run programs SNAP, Reach Up & other types of Welefare are set up in such a way that due to paperwork, reviews every 6-12 months, & only legal US Citizen’s being eligible, the rate of fraud is 3%.

Consider how you feel if the government chose what was in YOUR grocery cart? How much you could spend or afford for groceries monthly? What if you were already on a strict budget or had to use different items due to religious reasons. What if you have dietary restrictions or food allergies?

Food Shelves already give out the items Trump is suggesting be in these “America’s Harvest” boxes.

The #4 main foods given out at shelters are:

1. Peanut Butter
2. Oatmeal
3. 3 cans of a type of veggie or bean
4. Bread/pasta/rice
If your local food shelf has a fridge?
5. Milk or a small piece of meat depending on family size.

Depending on holiday or local area donations, the rest of the items available in a food shelf change frequently.

These are human beings.

US citizens.
Do they not get to make decisions for themselves? Do they have less rights for themselves & their family due to their yearly income or being in poverty?

Why are our most vulnerable citizens always a target for this President?

Why do you, Trump, pick on the weak, ill, impoverish, elderly, and disabled?

Why do you continue to discriminate against all kinds of human beings that are YOUR CITIZENS?

I don’t expect any answer.

My voice is 1 in a desert storm of others. I could go outside, throw my handful of sand in wind – Would it make a difference? Will it instead fly back into a pair of eyes, & cause irritation, pain & anger?

Time will tell.

For everyone else reading these words, I ask that you donate or volunteer to your local shelves & shelters.

Do so on days other than right before & during Thanksgiving.

People matter on other calendar months. They exist. They have hungry bellies & empty pockets on days other than Christmas.

Support your neighbors & fellow citizens in need.


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