Hospital waiting rooms always have a shade of light green color. This is because light pale green can be calming.

Problem is, every hospital goes with this color unless it is a children’s unit/hospital.

People who are in hospitals often no longer find light green calming. Their brains associate the color with waiting, terror, feeling helpless, anxious, death, pain, loss, the unknown and so forth.

Pale green isn’t calming to me.
I do have to give the hospital credit with one feature in this waiting room.

These chairs are super comfy.

There’s still a never ending snow storm outside. The sun is shining through the front windows. The flakes are blowing around, lazily, starting to lighten up but not quite gone.

A women at the front desk calls out a name, trying to match update to waiting loved ones. Pagers go off loudly & every head turns to see if the red lights are blinking on their device.

Waiting for my turn….


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