Mommy Needs….

I always thought the “Mommy needs a drink” meme to be strange.

Not shaming drinking…. Just sounds more like:

“Mommy could use a break”

“Mommy could use a vacation”

“Mommy needs a nap”

“Mommy needs more help around the house”

“Mommy needs an uninterrupted shower”

“Mommy needs a date night”

Would we be cool with “Mommy needs Ecstasy”

“Mommy needs cocaine”

“Mommy needs to trip on mushrooms”

“Mommy needs a bong hit”

Some people might be ok with some of those.

Some of us are going to be horrified at the thought of every single one.

Point is, this meme should really sound like:

“Mommy needs the time, space & freedom to relax in whatever method she finds helpful, without being ridiculed or shamed, because we are adults, & the infant/child is being cared for by another parent/guardian/trusted adult.”

Relax, “Mommies”

Ignore anyone attempting to shame you for taking a very deserved & necessary break.

Those of us with kids, those who work with kids etc.

We know how you feel 💗

Hang in there, Mommies!

Keep Calm until Bedtime 💖