The MAGAt Cries Alone

Someone cries their #MAGAtTears into their snot covered sleeve, in a dark room only lit by an artificial glow from screens.

“I’M NOT A RACIST!!!!!” they scream into the darkness.

The howl is heard by none.

In a fit of rage, the person spends almost 24 hrs, logging on & off fake instagram accounts, commenting about the only thing that matters to this human.
Skin color.

“Thank you, White lady!!” the human copies & pastes over & over & over again.

Every post.
Every account that they are not currently locked out of….
The Freudian Obsession with skin color is apparent.

The MAGAt misses the irony, entirely.
All this Racist Bigot can see, what they obsess over, what they can not look past in their frothy at the mouth, twitchy state, is STILL skin color….


White Privilege

“What you described is exactly what you are doing.

A person is kneeling peacefully.
You are screaming that his sitting down quietly before outdoor time is making you very angry, & therefore HE needs a time out & no dessert!!!

Do you see the issue?

You can be angry that he is protesting all you want – that doesn’t make what he is doing wrong, and it certainly doesn’t insult or affect any other human being while he is doing it.
Buck up, wipe away the tears, & go play somewhere else, FAR away from Colin Kaepernick…”