Trump Supporters Solemnly Swear They Are Up To No Good…

“How do we have a normal discussion with a group who is willing to believe nonsense & lies, while ignoring the horrors of the Trump administration by claiming it’s all FAKE?

How do we, as citizens, work together to protect & defend those who are or will be targeted, instead of wearing blinders to block out the pain of others?

The very first step is all of us learning to accurately tell the difference between white supremacist created propaganda meant to divide & create chaos, and real shared online news & facts.

If we see a “meme”, fake news, propaganda, etc pass through one’s social media feed, it is now our responsibility as human beings to report it, spread the real info, & call out every single divide & conquer technique.

Why is this important?

To protect the vulnerable. “


White Privilege

“What you described is exactly what you are doing.

A person is kneeling peacefully.
You are screaming that his sitting down quietly before outdoor time is making you very angry, & therefore HE needs a time out & no dessert!!!

Do you see the issue?

You can be angry that he is protesting all you want – that doesn’t make what he is doing wrong, and it certainly doesn’t insult or affect any other human being while he is doing it.
Buck up, wipe away the tears, & go play somewhere else, FAR away from Colin Kaepernick…”

Military Budget-Dirty Little Secret

Mainly? The Right “respect” Veterans, idolize and honor soldiers in front of them or at Sporting events, celebrations and parades. They do not want to spend any part of their budget on military that is not going towards weaponry.

The Left get uncomfortable around the topic of soldiers. They dislike the wars’ but want to support a human being. But it is upsetting to think about homeless injured veterans & everyone is so focused on themselves and so many OTHER political issues, they just don’t have time to focus on Soldiers.”

SNAP Home Delivery

These are human beings.

US citizens.
Do they not get to make decisions for themselves? Do they have less rights for themselves & their family due to their yearly income or being in poverty?

Why are our most vulnerable citizens always a target for this President?

Why do you, Trump, pick on the weak, ill, impoverish, elderly, and disabled?

Why do you continue to discriminate against all kinds of human beings that are YOUR CITIZENS?