Jan 31st

Home Destroyed by Early Morning Blaze Keeping this very short, as I am still having an extremely difficult time talking about it. We had a house fire on Jan 31st. It is still under investigation. This had been the 1st time in 3 years that someone wasn’t home over night The fact that I wasn’t […]

Hospital Day

Today has stressed me out. I have stayed surprisingly calm during the whole thing. Driver came at 6:20 am instead of 7:20 am this morning for our 6 appointments & 2 tests at my son’s hospital. We were dropped off over an hour before our 1st appointment. My son’s hearing test went well. His hearing […]

Night Before Christmas 2017

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the home

The Nuclear family was busy creating atmosphere and tone.

The tree was decorated, every branch filled. 

Presents were hidden, a mound later parents would build.

Tinsel & stockings were hung by the chimney with lots of care.

Gramps with egg nog in hand on the porch, napping in rocking chair.

Dinner was finished, Chinese take out, 

tradition from Mom’s Jewish family no doubt.

The family dog slept on a bed next to the tree. 

She snored more than Gramps, how could that possibly be?

Their holiday were jumbled, activities pulled from all ways of life.

While charming for the children, they caused mom & dad strife.

Little sister was pulling a toy across the floor

Both children in Jammie’s, but Big brother was sore.

“Why are we leaving cookies out?! There IS no Santa Claus!”

Mom’s jaw dropped. She shot her son a glare.

A gaze that could have lit the fireplace but the son did not care.

“Reindeer can’t fly, they aren’t aerodynamic.” He continued with glee

“THAT high in the air, they would all freak and panic.”

Dad knew his son was inquisitive, inciteful & scientific.

Strong qualities in a skilled leader, in his future, terrific.

In a child on Christmas, these qualities were tough.

Dad swatted at his son’s hair, said “Hey, knock it off!”

It was too late, the damage had been done.

four year old sister dropped her toy, no longer having fun

“Santa’s not real??” Her eyes started to swell. 

The bomb had been dropped, tears from her eyes fell.

Mom stepped in- into her arms she pulled the toddler.

Unsure of what would fix this, she mumbled

“Ask your father”

Dad knew tangible evidence was the best method

“What would prove to you the existence of Santa?”

Son pondered for some time & then said

“On my new phone, I want a selfie of Santa. 

In this house, no photoshop, a sign & his hand up”

“Uh ok…”

“Not finished. A letter from Santa, personalized & intimate.

 He should answer questions about Christmas, HOW does he do it?”

Then little sister piped up. “The cookies should be gone”

She nodded at brother as they teamed up against dad & mom.

Another Mass Shooting

I have stayed quiet on my blog about gun control. I have stayed quiet during mass shooting out of sadness mostly, and an inability to pull myself into a coherent state where my thoughts & ideas weren’t emotionally driven. It has been 1 day since our last mass shooting. Before that, it had been 3 […]

Be Like the Elephants

I just did something I never thought I would do again. I wrote a letter to my Hometown Newspaper Editor. I know, I’m shocked too. I felt the message of the letter may echo true for many areas in the USA at this time. Please enjoy. As always, comments are absolutely appreciated. ” Dear Brattleboro, I […]